Chantey Dayal, Cowichan Valley Artist

Living as an artist in Duncan BC, amid the flow and seasons of the Cowichan Valley, as well as the chaos of carpooling, school lunches, laundry, and dishes presents endless paradox and inspiration. I come from East Indian and Armenian bloodlines, and these ancient cultures penetrate my work. The wonder, spirit, and exotica of India as well as the history, melancholy, and boldness of Armenia.

Painting has always been, and remains to be my favorite thing to do. In recent years, I have combined the embodiment practice of 5 Rhythms dance into my studio time, bringing out new intuitions and dreams onto the canvas. I love to paint because it gets me out of my own way. For me, it is the ultimate experience of letting go. Being in the process without attachment to outcome allows strokes, tones, rhythms and feelings to pour out like the journey of a song. I can often be found dancing the 5 Rhythms Dance practice in my studio. This movement practice becomes a prayer, a meditation, a touching in with my self, which opens my hands up to possibility and investigation. Colour too, is a gateway that allows me to fully feel, fully express and create boldly on the canvas. I love to paint.