Imagine Ethiopia, 2014

Ethiopia is an ancient land. The people, the smells and the dirt have literally gotten under my skin. From the moment I stepped foot there, I felt a deep sense of belonging, a connection to its people and culture. Ethiopians are humble, generous, and exquisitely beautiful. It has been my honour and privilege to experience this country. This series was created straight from the heart and has enabled me to contribute towards shifting the paradigm of our relationship to Africa. More about my love for Ethiopia here.

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village life - limited edition paper print $110
'northern reflections' - 30 X 30 - SOLD
'sista's got ya' back - 30 X 40 - SOLD
'lean walkers' - limited edition paper print - $125
Chantey Dayal, Artist, Cowichan Valley, Duncan BC Canada
'salt of the earth' - 24 X 24 - SOLD
'mother of many' - limited edition paper print - $110
'ceremony' - 30 X 40 - SOLD
'foxy donkey' - limited edition paper print - $145
'torch bearers' - 24 X 36 - SOLD
'love thy neighbour' - 16 X 30 - SOLD
'give us this day our daily bread' - 12 X 30 - SOLD