Dancing is my outlet. It is the place where I plug in… to myself, to my God.

Since discovering the 5 Rhythms practice, I’ve been able to get more and more out of my own way. 5 Rhythms is a spiritual dance practice that guides us into a moving meditation. There is nothing new about it. Humans have been following the heart beat and dancing themselves into trance for millennia.

It is in that sweet spot that we discover what so many of us search for, the connection, the love, the oneness, the peace.

This practice gifts me with endless creative opportunities. I get to make art with my body. Nothing for anyone to to see or judge, not even myself. In that place I get the chance to let go of all of the “supposed to’s” all of the “should have’s”, and just get to hang out with what is for a while. It is respite for the soul.

5 Rhythms Dance and Painting
5 Rhythms Dance and Painting with Chantey Dayal

There are many great 5 rhythms teachers, four living right here on Vancouver Island.
Come to class… you’ll never look back.